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Our Vision

We pray that the suppression of the understanding and use of chlorine dioxide will end and everyone can enjoy the benefits of chlorine dioxide.

What we have achieved

Over the years we spoke with several rising industry experts. They encouraged us to spread the word and share our products. We met with resistance in our relationship with Ebay. They delisted our products hundreds of times over the years. Usually for one silly reason or another.  We sometimes closed our store out of frustration only to have people contact us asking us to keep selling our products. Back then Ebay was the easiest way to sell. Now with EPA and FDA reworking their guidelines and requesting enforcement of removal of our products it is impossible to continue with Ebay.

Why we started

We started this company 17 years ago after reading Jim Humbles' first book. Impressed with his results we decided to try it ourselves. We discovered that chlorine dioxide is everything that Humble said it was. Our experience was positive in every way.  Seeing a need for this product to reach every person possible we started our store on Ebay.

Our Company in Numbers

Our experience in the production of Chlorite products has led to the development of several specially designed containers that will last many, many years. This is especially important in the storage of Survival type water purification products. 

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Years of Expertise

Client Satisfaction

Different Products

Our Features

Polypropylene droppers

We are the only company offering polypropylene droppers in addition to glass droppers as recommended by the Kalcker writings.

Highest Quality Source Materials

We have been buying the materials to make this product for a long time. We have made all the mistakes. We have filtered down to the best suppliers in the market and can now say that our quality is unquestionably the best.

Glass droppers

Additionally, our glass as well as our polypropylene droppers have a specially created non-rubber bulb compound. This flouroglazed thermoplastic elastomer is highly resistant to degradation from long term exposure to Hydrochloric acid. It is also FDA compliant and has excellent UV stability. This bulb product is expensive and difficult to source. This is why so few of our competition offer dropper bottles

Inventory on hand

We have thousands and thousands of bottles and droppers onsite. No shipping delays due to material shortages


Customer comments from Ebay

Customer comments from Ebay

Customer comments from Ebay

We are very proud of the continuous positive responses from our customers.